We've Been Gobbled

November 13 - 22

Tuesday, 11/13 is World Kindness Day!  We at Scituate Connected thought it would be the perfect day to kick off our "WE'VE BEEN GOBBLED!!" event.  It's a neighborly game to encourage connection, community, and the spirit of giving while having some FUN! 

The steps are easy.

1 - Download the forms below.

2 -Pack up a treat (snack, candy, small gift, craft or any thoughtful item you like).

3 - Attach the downloaded note to the package and secretly leave on a neighbor's doorstep or hanging from their mailbox.

4 - Don't forget to place the "We've Been Gobbled" sign on your front door or window so we can watch the acts of kindness spread though our community.

Check your mailboxes and front steps, you may have already been gobbled!